Published Articles and Layouts


                                      A special place in O gauge
CTT-9-02Classic Toy Trains, September 2002, Cover & Pages 58-65
This Semi-Scale/Hi-Rail layout represents of the railroads around New York City. It was inspired by the owner’s childhood memories in NYC along with his love to operate and collect Lionel trains. This railroad was designed to run long passenger and freight trains. It also has a working yard and roundhouse facility.


                                     Clearly innovative
CTT 5-01Classic Toy Trains, May 2001, Pages 82-84
This high-tech, acrylic suspended ceiling layout was designed to fit within a confined space in an artists loft. Designing it as a railroad that hung from the ceiling utilized the perimeter walls to facilitate the long running trains and confined space. It is fabricated from cast acrylic with patina bronze brackets. It was recently retrofitted with Lionel TMCC and MTH DCS.


                                     The trains at Duayne’s place
CTT 1-00Classic Toy Trains, January 2000, Pages 68-75
This layout was designed for a collector who loved to operate his trains. It was fully inspired by the illustrations in the Lionel catalogues of the 1950’s. In addition, the layout significantly highlights the owner’s exceptional pre & post war Lionel collection.



                                      The road of Anthracite
CTT 7-99Classic Toy Trains, July 1999, Pages 70-77
This Semi-Scale Hi-Rail layout represents of the boyhood memories of the owner’s trips from the Hoboken Station to the Lake Cranbury and other trips on the late 40’s Lackawanna Line.