Complete Operating Layout:
Full services will be provided from the initial planning through installing the completed layout.   Choose either standard table construction or ceiling mounted style.

Project Consulting & Coordination:
If you prefer to build your own layout we will provide expert consulting and detailed technical information.  Additionally, we will coordinate with architects and general contractors on specific design elements required for your train room.

Custom Control Panels:
Two styles are available; High-Tech: Backlit track route graphics (this is a LDCC design exclusive), or a Conventional: Contrasting painted track route graphics.

Electrical Services:
Services include; track power circuits – both conventional and digital, track signal circuits, accessory circuits, overhead room lighting, and special effects such as a star field.

Digital Systems:
We can locate, purchase, install, and troubleshoot digital systems such as Lionel MCSS and MTH DCS & DCS WiFi.

MTH Authorized Service Center & DCS Upgrade Center:
We can repair and service all MTH trains and we have the latest technology to upgrade your MTH DCS systems.

Highly Specialized Services:
Services include building custom model buildings; creating seasonal & period scenery; locating and purchasing collectibles; researching period pieces; and installing special effects.

Artwork & Photography:
For special visual effects, such as a 2-dementional scenery backdrop or professional photographs, we will coordinate a team of highly accomplished artists to put the finishing touches on your layout and provide visual memories to last a lifetime.